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Soapbox Derby Racing

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When driver Teagan Douglas was asked why soapbox racing was better than video games his answer was lightning-fast.
"Because it's real life!" he said.
Delta Soap box derby
40 young racers rolled to victory - against video games - in the 1st inaugural Delta Soap Box Derby. (Doug Kerr/CBC)
Douglas was one of 43 children aged nine to 12 racing in Tsawwassen Saturday in mean machines handcrafted with parents or grandparents in a the Tsawwassen Rotary Club's inaugural derby.
"It's going back to the classics. It's about bringing the family together — teamwork," said Teagan's mother Amanda Douglas.
Hugo Helmuth Soap box racer
Novice driver Hugo Helmuth was keen to try the real thing after using a driving simulator. (Doug Kerr/CBC)

​Dozens of young drivers suited up in helmets and hunkered down in flame-clad, brightly coloured racers to race along 6th Ave.
"It's so great they put down their phones. They put down their video games. They come out here on this glorious day. The fathers, mothers and grandparents are all here to watch," said Delta Police Chief Neil Dubord.
He said local officers couldn't resist competing with local firefighters — or boasting about their car.

"We put a lot of time and energy ... there is science in this car!"
Teagan Douglas Soap Box Racer
Teagan Douglas loves the feel of a real wheel. (Doug Kerr/CBC)
The young driver was stoked about the car built by Delta police officers — with a working siren.
"I think It's pretty fast and I like how it had a siren and brakes. The steering is pretty controllable," said Hugo Helmuth.
"I think it would be a fun experience to kind of drive a car since I've already done a car simulator and I think that would be kind of like it."
Soap box racers
The soap box derby in delta was sold out with lots of interest from sponsors and young drivers for the June 4 rally. (Doug Kerr/CBC)
For others it was a chance to bond as a family.
Mayia Dueck helped her grandfather build a racing machine.
"He did most of it but I helped him," she said. "It's really awesome!"
"I think it's just a great way of building memories," said grandfather Greg Barnes before cheering his beaming granddaughter with her friends.
Soap box derby
Mayia Dueck's friends came to cheer her on. She drove a car handmade by grandpa with he assistance. (Doug Kerr/CBC )

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