Thursday, May 7, 2015

Corrie Miller LG 104.3 Street 750 Diary Update!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hi it’s Corrie Miller from LG 104.3, and over the weekend we were BLESSED with some pretty sweet weather for Demo Days. 

Ennes and Sarah, newly converted Harley fans on Corrie’s Street750!

Crowds of riders of all persuasions turned out to test ride the best Harley-Davidson has to offer, including the ride that I got out to Langley on: my Street 750 (I still have a huge crush on her). And hey,  I filmed it!  

LG 1043 on location for Barnes Harley-Davidson Demo Days

The PrimeX Replay XD is an HD camera that you can mount to your bike or helmet for high def. 1080p quality video. 

This is one of my first tries with the Replay and I’m still fiddling with it. It’s clear I need to use one of the sound dampers included in the kit to deaden the wind noise, and  maybe using iMovie or another editor to set some of these rides to add music would be kind of fun too. 

Randy Hamm, member of the Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club hops on the back of Corrie Miller’s Street 750

If you have a favorite twisty road let me know! 

Looking forward to documenting more rides as we get into warmer weather. Oh look at that…sunshine on its way the next few days!

Rubber side down, friends,


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