Thursday, April 23, 2015

Corrie Miller Motorcycle Diaries- My first 750 on a Harley Street 750

Man is it good to be back on a bike again. Allow me to introduce myself!  I’m Corrie Miller (formerly of Rock 101 and The Province newspaper) and I co-host a little morning radio show on LG 104.3 with Larry (formerly of Larry & Willy on The Fox and JackFM). We have a blast together.
After a 5 year break from riding (to have a couple of kidlets), this is the year I get back on a bike. 

I decided to team up with Barnes Harley Davidson and give myself an early (ahem) 40th birthday present. I don’t want to talk about it.  Well, the bike I do want to talk about. The birthday can just fail to exist. She’s a gorgeous brand spanking new Denim black 750 Street Harley Davidson. 

And I’m falling in love with her more and more every day. So far I’ve only put about 400 km on her, but when the sun comes out… I’m out!

Call my wanting to get back on two wheels a mid-life crisis or don’t (don’t! haha) but one thing is for sure: Man have I missed it. Riding in the springtime is just special. Fave smell? The fresh cut cedar when riding on River Road by the saw mills or over the Knight street bridge.

I look forward to sharing my riding with you this season and hopefully connecting with some of you. Let’s go for a ride! 

Here’s how to connect with me:

Call Larry and I during the morning show 6-10 am on LG 104.3! 604-280-1043

Follow and chat with me on Twitter: @CorrieMiller (hashtag #bikemylife)

Instagram: CorrieLG1043

And  on Facebook: Corrie Miller

Ride on friends. See you out there!

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