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Barnes Street Build Battle Update

Disassemble The Bike
Pistons & Valves

Wheels Getting Sent Off For Powder Coating
Pistons & Valves

Looking Pretty Bare
Pistons & Valves

Receptionist Lizette Making The Tires Look Awesome For Street Life

Learn More About Street Life:
The notice popped up on Ultracomm on February 12th. The heading was “Ultimate Street Battle”. I read the details and interacted with my co-workers as the ideas and possibilities started to flow. Street Tracker, small tourer, cafe racer, off-roader, chopper, and drag bike were all talked about.  Soon, the Barnes internal company E-mail informed of a “Top Secret” staff meeting, February 27th
I arrived at the designated time with a room full of fellow staff members. We were enlightened that our dealership would build four Street 750 motorcycles to compete in the contest. The team leaders would be the department managers. We were divided into four teams via a random name draw. The motorcycles must be completed by April 13th so the time to plan, order parts, fabricate, assemble and fine tune is extremely limited.

Our team consists of team leader Dan along with Byron, Richard (Rocket), Steve, Lizette, Rob, Coral, Laura, and Carol-Lynn. Since the stated purpose of the contest was to raise awareness and interest among young adults about the new Harley-Davidson Street motorcycle, we worked together to strategize about a bike that would appeal to a more youthful, urban rider. We focused in on a skateboard, graffiti theme as the ideas were narrowed down. Our goal was to make the build affordable with no irreversible modifications to the stock motorcycle. The plan was to use the Harley Davidson Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories catalogue as the basis for ordering most of the parts so ultimately anyone can duplicate the build.

Pictures were scrutinized, drawings were made, ideas were proposed and either adopted or rejected. In the end, we wanted to achieve a rake to the motorcycle, raising the front and lowering the rear. Shorter Sportster rear shocks bolt on for a two inch drop. A Sportster nineteen inch front wheel slides in place of the seventeen inch stocker with no modifications, raising the front end. A stock Sportster front fender was modified to fit. We also wanted to lift the front of the fuel tank two inches to complete the visual downward flow. Brackets are to be fabricated to achieve this. Plans are in the works to complete a side mounted, quick release skateboard rack out of raw steel tubing. Byron is our team welder/fabricator and will complete these items.

 To assist us in reaching our objectives, we have hooked up with Coastal Riders Skate/Snow/Street shop. They are located in the same complex as Barnes H-D Langley and share our enthusiasm for the project. They will be supplying us with a custom skateboard to go with our new mount. We are also working with our painter, Leedam at Bike F/X, for a custom white paint job and graffiti style graphics. A bronze powdercoat was chosen for our wheels and various trim items to be applied by Chris at Francis Andrew Site Furnishings. The look will be completed with many other parts including but not limited to a solo seat, drag bars, custom wrapped exhaust and dual headlight.  All the team members have been assigned tasks big and small to bring the vision together.

Powdercoated items will return the third week of March at which time Rocket can begin reassembly along with all the newly ordered parts.

Learn More About Pistons & Valves

As a team we all jumped on the idea of giving our Street 750 a lower race look. We thought this could inspire people to think beyond the look and feel of the standard Street and also appeal to a motor cycling crowd which isn't stereotypical to Harley-Davidson.

With the time constraint we realized quickly we couldn't change the wheels too drastically so we focused on paint and body customizations. 

Vintage orange triple race stripes from front to back as well as contrast touches to the sides along with chrome accents. 

More after the custom painted tins arrive...


Pistons & Valves Just Got Their Paint Job Done

Looks Wicked Awesome Guys!

Their Inspiration Was The Genuine H-D Oil Can - Black And Orange

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