Thursday, February 19, 2015

XG 750 - Harley-Davidson Street 750

We Have The Totally Awesome Street 750 Available As A Demo!

Here's What Some Of Our Staff Had To Say About It After Their First Ride:

"Harley's new Street 750 looks like a very unassuming bike at first, but then you ride it!

The bike is way more fun and powerful than expected and made the smile bigger on my face than I ever thought it would.

The 750 V-Twin liquid cooled motor is more powerful and snappy than the 883 Sportster.

The 6 speed transmission had me cruising on the highway without even thinking twice. It motored along at highway speeds with not wanting to slow down. The suspension is stiffer than expected and handles amazing. The bike is light and maneuverable. Nimble to say the least. 

Harley hit the nail on the head with this bike and I think it is going to appeal to a mass amount of different riders from the newbie to the season veteran that wants a fun, smaller bike to ride."

"The 750 Street was great fun to ride.

It was light and nimble with lots of get up and go when you wanted it.

The shifting was easy and forgiving so it would be an excellent choice for a new rider or an advanced rider who just wants an easy commuting bike versus a big cruiser. 

It is such an eye catcher with its gritty look, tons of people were checking it out trying to figure out what the make was. I can't wait to see customers come up with some creative customized versions of this bike, there are so many options to make it your own."

"I was pleasantly surprised by how agile and peppy it was. It was totally awesome to ride."

"All six gears click in and out with nary a bang, and you don’t even need the light-pull clutch past about third. Steering’s quick and light, and ergonomics are really close to standard if you’re not tall.

Mainly what strikes you when you see the Street in the flesh for the first time is how small it is.

The Street actually absorbs most bumps instead of bludgeoning them with its back tire.
The back tire itself is an unusual-sized, flat-profiled Michelin Scorcher with unusually tall sidewalls, which also seems to be really bump-compliant."

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