Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fun Facts

  • Harley Davidson motorcycles were first called hogs in 1920.  Their race team mascot was a pig.  After each victory, the driver would hoist the pig on to the gas tank and drive a victory lap.
  • Harley-Davidson is named for its creators, three brothers: Arthur, William and Walter Davidson and their friend, William Harley.  In 1901, the four decided to motorize a bicycle, and the first Harley-Davidson was born
  • Juneau Avenue in Milwaukee was the site of the first Harley-Davidson plant, opened in 1906.
  • In 1911 Harley Davidson patented their “Bar and Shield” logo
  • The Black Hills Rally in Sturgis, SD was started by the Jack Pine Gypsies Motorcycle Club.  The rally began in 1938
  • 20,000 Harley-Davidson motorcycles were used during World War I
  • In 1953, Harley-Davidson’s oldest competitor, Indian Motorcycle Company  closed its doors for business, making Harley-Davidson the biggest manufacturer of motorcycles
  • The first Harley-Davidson snowmobile was introduced in 1971

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