Friday, February 27, 2015

Dewinterize Your Bike

Has your Harley-Davidson® been locked away all winter? Dewinterize your motorcycle!

We’re seeing signs of Spring here at Barnes Harley-Davidson®! This means it’s time to pull your Harley out of the garage and get it ready to hit the road again!
Here are some helpful tips to dewinterize your bike:

1.      If it’s covered, take the cover off your bike and dust off any cob webs, bugs and anything else that has    made your bike its home since your last ride! 
2.      Replace the fuel in your bike with fresh fuel.
3.      Check your brake fluid levels, battery and air pressure in your tires.
4.      Change the oil.
5.      Remove any rags from your exhaust pipe.
6.      Clean and lube your bike!
7.      Fire up your bike and make sure there aren’t any uncommon sounds.

If you have a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle and want to get all of this done painlessly and quick: 

Haul your bike up to our service shop at Barnes Harley-Davidson and we’ll get your bike ready to ride in no time!

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