Monday, October 27, 2014

Featured Bike Of The Week:

2015 FXDBP Dyna Street Bob T Sport Build

Why We Built it:

We decided to build this bike because we like to be on top of the latest trends here at Barnes Harley-Davidson®.
The T-sport is coming back more popular than ever because of these bad ass wheelie guys over at Unknown Industries. ( as well as in the very popular Sons of Anarchy TV Show.
We wanted to pay tribute to the original FXDX-T Super Glide T-Sport.


This Harley was different right out of the bag when it was first introduced in 2001. It was built as a much sportier bike to use for long-distance riding and doesn’t display the same large characteristics of your average touring bike. It doesn't take a keen eye to distinguish the foremost intent of this bike. The stylishly modern and well-proportioned saddlebags and fork-mounted fairing/windshield combo give away its touring intent. On closer inspection, the generously scooped touring saddle and standard highway pegs echo this objective. Adjustable front and rear suspension, a 28-degree steering head angle and four-piston caliper triple-disc brakes evidence the T-Sport's sporty persona. Harley-Davidson® stopped building this bike in 2003.

Our Build:

It is straight from the factory as an HD1 Custom Order FXDBP with;
5 Spoke Aluminum Wheels, Forward Controls, 2-Up Seat, and custom Sand Camo Denim paint.
We then used a Conely’s Kit with a larger faring and detachable, expandable saddlebags to make it into the touring bike we wanted.
For the custom handle bar we used Westcoast-Tbars (

2015 FXDBP Custom Dyna Street Bob with T-Sport Build

Custom Sand Camo Denim Paint

WestCoast-TBar Handlebar

Conely's Detachable & Expandable Saddlebag

5 Spoke Aluminum Wheel

Standard / Non-Customized FXDB Dyna Street Bob:

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