Thursday, September 18, 2014

Waves for Water X Lords of Gastown

So I was sitting down with my friends Nik and Tyler co-founders of the Lords of Gastown the other day and they shared with me an amazing project they are working on.

They plan on grabbing a couple old Harley-Davidson Sportsters and riding from Vancouver to the very southern tip of Argentina. They are going to take a year to do the trip because they are going to do it in a few different stages. It sounded like an amazing adventure but it just gets so much better.

The reason they are doing the trip in the first place is that they found Waves for Water. Waves for Water provides charcoal water filters and education to people in places that don't have access to clean water. Everyday thousands of people die because of disease and sickness that comes from not having access to clean water.

Tyler and Nik decided to do something for people without clean water and are taking this trip to distribute the filters and educate people on how to use them throughout South America.

I will be keeping you up to date with new information about this trip and adventure as it develops but Barnes Harley-Davidson will be a part of this trip in a BIG way. Check out the video below to see the work that Waves for Water are doing and stay tuned for further details on the Lords of Gastown X Waves for Water Trip.

- Brian Barnes

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